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  • Do I need to book an appointment or can I just pop in?
    We do operate a booking only service, that's not to say there may not be short term availability if you do pop in, but for the most part we'd encourage you to pre-book your appointment so we're able to confirm your booking in full along with any requirements.
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for waxing treatments?
    For intimate waxing we operate a strict 18+ age requirement with our general waxing treatments available to those 16 and over. For under 16's we require parental consent and attendance at the appointment.
  • What do I need to do before my appointment?
    Moisturise and exfoliate! In the days leading up to your appointment you must make sure you moisturise the area being waxed as waxing dray skin can be dangerous due to the increased chance of skin lifting. Exfoliation in the days leading up to your appointment will aid in leaving your skin in the ideal state to be waxed. Please don't trim, shave or epilate any of the air in the area you wish to be waxed.
  • How long should the hair be prior to my wax?
    We generally recommend that for intimate waxing the shorter the better, but no less than 5mm. You can choose to do that yourself prior to your appointment, or we'll do that for you to ensure it's the appropriate length. For other waxing treatments the same rules apply but the 'shorter the better' requirement isn't quite as necessary.
  • For intimate waxing will I need to remove my underwear?
    The answer ultimately depends on the type of treatment you've selected, for some you will, for others you won't, either way you can rest assured that our treatments are conducted with extreme professionalism. The best thing to do if you are concerned at all is to just get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through the process.
  • How long will my wax last for?
    If it was your first wax then you'll typically see a small amount of regrowth after around a week, however once you get into a regular pattern of treatments this period will become longer and more consistent and we'll generally recommend waxing every 4 weeks to keep the area smooth and hair free.
  • I'm a bit sore, is that normal?"
    It is; redness, small bumps and a general soreness are all normal reactions to waxing, particularly if this is your first time. This won't necessarily affect everyone but the symptoms should disappear over the period of a couple of days. If you're still experiencing these symptoms after this time please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • What aftercare do you recommend?
    It's very important to keep the freshly waxed area cool and clean during the first day or two when it's particularly sensitive. For the most part this just means exercising some caution with regular activities, for example avoid hot baths or showers and use warm water only, leading on from there no hot-tubs or saunas either. You'll also need to avoid swimming, gym and sports activities as this won't help you stay clean and cool at the same time. Finally avoid tanning in all it's forms, real and fake and any deodorant sprays (including roll ons), lotions and powders as the waxed area will be sensitive. If there's anything you're unsure of - just ask!
  • What payment options do you provide?
    We accept payment by cash and all major debt / credit cards, but unfortunately not American Express.
  • I'm a Student / Work for the NHS / Emergency Services - do you offer a discount?
    We do! Please bring along proof of your eligibility and we'll apply a 10% discount on payment.
  • Do you have car parking space available?
    Yes we have ample off street parking available for customer use at the front of our salon.
  • What is your approach to overall hygiene?
    We take our hygiene standards very seriously: We wear a fresh pair of gloves for every client All working surfaces are sanitised using surgical spirit before each treatment Floors are sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day Fresh couch roll is used for each client If you are not 100% satisfied that your treatment room is sanitised we encourage you to highlight your concern to a member of staff so the issue can be addressed before we start your treatment.
  • What is 'double dipping'?
    The term 'double dipping' refers to the potentially unsafe practice of placing a wooden or metal spatula back into a wax point once wax has been applied to the skin. Our approach is simple, we NEVER double dip our spatulas, either when waxing intimate areas or applying wax to a previously waxed area.
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